Mt Owen MTB   Ride the epic Mt Owen trails. Click buttons for info and shuttle bookings.

After the days rides
After the days rides

Sunset rides Mt Owen Queenstown Tasmania

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Mt Owen trails start
Mt Owen trails start

900m elevation change Mt Owen MTB

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MTB Owen Spur
MTB Owen Spur

Big Mountain descent Queenstown Tasmania

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After the days rides
After the days rides

Sunset rides Mt Owen Queenstown Tasmania

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Fun Adventures here at Queenstown Tasmania
Lost Mines 4x4.jpg
Lost Mines Adventure | Queenstown Tasmania
Lost Mines-Ancient Pines


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Lost Mines-Ancient Pines

NO DAMS Saving The Franklin

King River Rafting.jpg

King River Rafting

  • Raft & Steam : An exciting half day rafting with a return journey on the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

  • King for the day : Take a full day and raft all of the mighty King River.

  • Gorge Explorer : Enjoy a serene paddle upstream on the tranquil upper King.


Experience The Franklin River

**One of the top ten things to do** (Lonely Planet)

**World Heritage Wilderness of the Highest order** (UNESCO)

  • Experience total wilderness immersion on a journey of a lifetime down the Franklin River.

  • Overnight in Queenstown and visit The Paragon Theatre to watch the documovie 'Saving The Franklin'

  • The adventure begins with a serious RoamWild Tasmania 4x4 journey into the wilderness over Mt McCall to join the rafting party.

  • Take to the river with professional guides for an experience often described as Life Changing.

Rock Island Bend

West Coast Wilderness railway

  • If you are looking for something a little less active but every bit as exciting, ride the Wilderness Railway with original ABT Steam loco's

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The Paragon Theatre

  • Enjoy a self paced tour of this still functioning Art Deco wonder. Tours and screenings operate daily.

  • After an exhilarating day of adventure, relax at The Paragon Theatre bar and take in the Paragon's own featurettes : Alex Stevenson's 'A Brief History of this Spot' and Paragon Pictures doco 'Let it Be'


Climb Mt Owen

Climbing Mt Owen is one of the greatest day walks anywhere. Here is a quick guide on how to safely have the most memorable time.

Tip : Don't walk up the shuttle road. It's long, there are bike shuttles, technicians and other vehicles associated with the various communications assets using it.

  • 1. Get Here. The first step is easy. Make your way to Queenstown by driving yourself (see our driving tips on this site), minibus charter or an exclusive VIP service [click here to learn more].  If flying is more your style, fly into Strahan or Queenstown and the shuttle service can meet you at either airport. [click here to learn more]

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  • 2. Eat & Sleep. Queenstown has many accommodation and dining options. Find the best ones on this site. Check out The Paragon theatre Cinema/Restaurant for some after dinner entertainment.

Mt Lyell Anchorage Queenstown Tasmania
  •  3. Begin your ascent. There's two ways to approach this. You can set off from the well signposted 'Horsetail falls walk' at Karlson's Gap. When you get to the end of the 600m boardwalk continue on and follow the track, follow the poles and chains all the way to the plateau. Or - you can get the 4x4 shuttle from The Paragon to the Mt Owen spur 850m up leaving you the last 300m to climb.

Horsetail falls.gif
Mt Owen 4x4 shuttle
  • 4. Now that your up there. Be sure to check out the high cave just under the plateau. There is a chute at the rear that leads to the top. Once your on the plateau, look to the west for 'Don't knock the rock', one of the many interesting conglomerate rock formations. As you stroll along the plateau you will see Berry's Tarn to the east just below you. At the Southern end of the plateau walk you will come to the summit trig' point.

High cave Mt Owen
Mt Owen Don't knock the rock
Berrys Tarn on Mt Owen
  • 5. Timing is everything. Make a glorious descent bathed in the golden light of the sunset over the Southern Ocean and catch the shuttle pick up on the Owen spur.

Mt Owen summit golden hour
Mt Owen shuttle sunset